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First blog post

Welcome to our page.  My name is Christina and I am an aspiring Fashion Designer.  This is my first blog post here on Word Press so it will take me a minute to get used to it…lol  Myself and some other special ladies in my life who are joining me on this journey would like to introduce you to CV Designs, Fashion tips, Sewing and Craft tips, Celebrity News, Travel, Beauty Looks and product reviews and so much more.  I hope we can be a one stop Blog for many of our common interests.  Welcome and there will be so much more to come. Stay tuned……….

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Hurricane Michael

I have never seen anything in my life that can explain the roller coaster of emotions from the last week or so. The destruction of this hurricane on the Panhandle of FL makes me pause…. Scared, sadness, exhaustion, hope, love, greatfulness, bewildered, anger and so much more. There were so many good people from all over the country that volunteered to put their lives at risk to help, others so desperate and evil to steal from others who have lost almost all or everything they had. To see homes leveled, trees twisted and broken like toothpicks. I went down because this is my hometown, a LOT of my family live there including my Father and Sister. I am lucky to know they are safe. I will be going back soon. My Father was to have a surgery to save him from becoming paralyzed from the waste down. The hospital and surgeons office are totally ruined. Now what?? Here are some photos from the area and these are not the worst. I have set up a GOFUNDME page to help those that have had homes destroyed, lost their clothes, have no food or water and are living in tents in their front yard. Please help me, help them. If I had the funds to carry it out myself, I would. This is beyond my means, so I’m asking for your help making #PCStrong great again.

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Quit Playing the Blame Game!!

I am so incredibly sick of hearing about Politics lately!!  I want to shoot my TV every time I see a political campaign ad.  I actually wanted to get more involved and learn more about our system and how it works.  I come from a family proud of our Country and its soldiers.

You all need to grow up, behave yourselves and go back to Ethics class.  I think you missed a few lessons.  Instead of degrading your opponents, tell me why you deserve my vote.  Tell me what you would like to see happen with our cities, counties, states and most of all our Country.  Tell us what you believe in, you may not win over every voter; however, if you all would learn that life is not Black and White, we might all win.

Maybe we should demolish the current political system and have a President from one party and Vice President from the other. Just throwing things in the air right now.  We need to meet in the middle and quit acting like we are in Kindergarten.  Neither party can solved ALL our problems, you cannot make millions of people agree on everything.

Quit lining your pockets with bribes and quit acting like the citizens of this country are complete morons.  Stop with the FAKE NEWS, those people should be put in the swamp with the gators.  If there is truth to any of the stories, well quit breaking the law Assholes.  If you screw up, then answer for it.  We the American people have to answer for our crimes so should you.

The citizens in the USA, not the elite, are starving, dying because they can’t afford medications, doctor bills, deductibles, rent, utilities, food and daily items to live.  You wonder why people are going off the deep end?  Well, there you go.  It’s not rocket science ladies and gentlemen.

Do your jobs, quit wasting our American $$, quit wasting our time and let’s truly…


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Painting with Diamonds

Do you love art and need a stress reliver. Try Painting with Diamonds. Get your favorite art and turn it into a beautiful crystal piece of art. I am loving mine. Copy the link, post it in your web browser and check it out. Tell me what you think. Did you get your favorite painting?